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Remember when you last went camping, and used  your portable BBQ or firepit?    Remember how heavy & dirty it was to lift it in and out of your vehicle? What about the space it took up? It probably meant you couldn't fit something else in for your trip because the BBQ gear took up so much room. Fancy trying to fit in all that bulky, heavy gear again or may you're thinking you might leave it home next time.

Then what about how much time and energy it took to set up your BBQ? That all said, when you finally got it all up and running - did you end up burning all your food, or your arms (!) trying to rescue the food from the flames. Or maybe for those of you die hard gas BBQ users, you ran out of gas just at that crucial time in the middle of nowhere with no other option? 

Well, imagine this.....a BBQ you could keep in your car all the time, so compact and as light at 1.7 kg, folding flat for easy travel, taking only  30 secs to set up and pack down, dishwasher proof and the versatility to turn into  your cozy fire pit.

Made from surgical grade 316 stainless it would be versatile and rugged enough for harsh outback conditions or salty environments, lasting a lifetime - so no replacements required!

Well read on to explore more about how the Boomerang BBQ can help you in your quest for lightening your camping load and check out our shop

What makes the Boomerang special?




Boomerang BBQ barbecue Stainless portable bbq flatpack compact camping

This is no cheaply made BBQ. Made from surgical grade 316 stainless steel, that endures the test of time, outback conditions or salty environments. If you are looking for a BBQ that really works in these conditions, or you are fed up lugging one of those heavy BBQ's around on the planet - then look no further. 

portable bbq campfire caravan
Award Winning Smart design
The BBQ ?
BBQ Specifications?
BBQ Benefits?
BBQ Uses?
What can you cook?
Award Winning Smart design

The Boomerang BBQ has a unique history. Going back to 1958 when adventurer John Carr was searching for better ways to cook over his campfire when he was travelling in the Central Australian desert and the jungles of Kakadu.  After an initial prototype, he worked on improving and testing the dseign for the next 22years. After winning an inventors award on the 1980 Australian TV show, " What'll They Think of Next" he commercialised the BBQ, then known as the CarrBQ.

Since then it has been developed further by Boomerang BBQ Products in 2015 (patent pending  and registered design) with many additional improvements and a more compact fold-down area.

The BBQ ?

The Boomerang BBQ is designed to be hammered into the ground, on virtually any slope or type of terrain or can alternatively be attached to the Boomerang Firepit. It is designed to either work with a wood or charcoal fire on the ground or in conjunction with a fire-pit. 

Simply adjust the height of your grill with one-hand with the patented Boomerang arm. The cool-touch Boomerang arm allows you to either move the grill up and down whilst cooking  or to swing off the fire entirely for easy turning or removal of food. The Boomerang grill system also lifts off the Boomerang pole easily, if you wish to take your cooked meal straight to the table from the fire.

Made from surgical grade 316 stainless steel, it flat-packs down to 25mm for easy carrying in it's bag or for stowing in your vehicle all the time.

BBQ Specifications?
  • Clever, compact, flat-pack design
  • Fold-down dimensions: 330mm x 330mm x 25 mm
  • Weight 1.7 kg
  • Cooking surface area: 330mm x 330mm 
  • One handed adjustable height 
  • Set up time: approx 30 secs
  • Pack down time: approx 30 secs
  • Quality materials: laser cut 316 stainless & aluminium
  • Comes with its own carry bag
  • Dishwasher proof
BBQ Benefits?
  • Compact enough to stow in your car all the time
  • 30 second set up and pack down
  • Controlled cooking with one-handed height adjustment
  • Suitable for all types of terrain and sloping ground
  • Versatile can be used with or without a firepit, and can  be hammered into the ground or connected to a firepit
  • Endures the test of time, outback conditions and salty environments
  • Convenient to carry in its own bag over your shoulder
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher proof
BBQ Uses?
  • camping - all terrains - mountains, snow, sand
  • boating - great to take ashore for your BBQ
  • caravanning & 4WD'ing
  • beach fishing - cook your fresh catch easily
  • picnicking - great for short daytrip BBQ's
  • your own backyard
What can you cook?
  • Big enough to cook 6-8 steaks or 24 sausages at once
  • Perfect control for cooking more delicate cuts such as chicken, fish
  • Suitable for grilling large cuts e.g. butterflied lamb, portugese chicken; the large surface area, as well as the adjustable height allows you to control the amount of heat
  • Toasting all sorts of breads, muffins, crumpets without burning
  • Perfect for crispy bacon
Boomerang BBQ 5 year warranty

What Do Our Customers Say?

The Boomerang BBQ saves us time and space - simple to use, very compact and cooks really well. No hassle to pack away. We use it every time we go camping or away on our boat - in 316 stainless it is a quality product.

Greg Sparks, 4WDer , camper
Greg Sparks, 4WDer , camper

 The Boomerang BBQ's smart design means you can easily adjust the height of your grill with one hand - no more burnt food. It's lightweight and compact enough to store in our car all the time

Sam Reich Boomerang BBQ
Sam Reich, camper, biker, cyclist

If you enjoy camping as much as we do, there is one thing that we always remember after a good trip and that is a good campfire. With the Boomerang BBQ your campfire will allow you to cook your food perfectly without burning it and allows you to easily adjust the grill height as the fire increases or decreases. At only 1.7kg and easy to setup this is perhaps the best purchase we’ve made of any camping gear. A must have for any off road bush camper.

Marc Aubin, Outdoor Enthusiast
Marc Aubin, Outdoor Enthusiast
Every Boomerang BBQ has a quality and satisfaction guarantee

Are you sick and tired of lugging that big heavy BBQ around the planet?

About Us

Boomerang BBQ products is an Australian company, that specialises in simplifying your portable BBQing and camp cooking needs. We strive to make the whole campfire cooking thing easier, with our smartly designed products. Our products are thoroughly tested in the field, in remote locations; the products last the distance of the tough Australian outback.  Boomerang BBQ Products will be the only products you keep coming back to on your outback travels.

What's in the Name?

The Boomerang (patent pending) got it's name from the shape of the key component that holds your grill in place. It is cool to touch, even while cooking, allowing you to adjust the height of your grill with one-hand or to easily swing your grill off the fire, in order to remove or turn your food. This means no more burnt food ( or body parts!)

Boomerang Benefits

The Boomerang BBQ is lightweight & compact- taking you minutes to pack up or set up. Flat-packing down to a thickness of 25mm, it can be kept in your car for impromptu picnics, in your boat or dinghy for beach bbq's, in your camper-van or caravan for BBQing when travelling on longer holidays. The grill can be placed in a dishwasher for easy washing when you get home, and it comes with it's own carry bag.

"The Boomerang system is your BBQ and Fire Pit  all in one - once you've finished cooking your meal, it becomes your cozy firepit - all packing down flat for easy travelling

Peter Schultz Boomerang BBQ Products Camping
Portable Camping Firepit Boomerang Firepit

Team your Boomerang with an optional firepit. When you need to contain your fire or you want to use your Boomerang BBQ on a concrete/hard ground Find out more

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