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Boomerang BBQ Products is a family business that provide you with quality flat pack, portable BBQ camping products, that meet 2 essential criteria: they are lightweight and compact.

Our designs are Australian and have been thought through carefully; being tested thoroughly in the harsh Australian outback. They do the job outstandingly,  are reliable and compact to get results for years and years.

The materials we have used, have also been chosen carefully - a mixture of achieving portability and strength -  solid enough to last and withstand harsh environments.

You will be proud to own a Boomerang BBQ for many years.

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Meet the Boomerang Team

Peter Schultz

Peter Schultz

Founder & CEO

Wendy Donovan

Wendy Donovan


 & Marketing Manager

John Carr

John Carr

Original Inventor

& Adventurer


At Boomerang


At Boomerang, we go to great lengths to make such a simple thing like a BBQ - a work of art. Great design, precision engineering combined with superior quality materials.

Our products will last for years, unlike the cheapies you buy that rust away because they've been made with poor quality materials.

Our products are a clever mix of strength, durability and portability. We triple check each unit that goes out our doors, and lovingly bundle it up, so that you too will enjoy a great camping experience without the stress of lugging heavy, bulky gear around the planet. You will be proud to own a Boomerang for many years.

Our Story


It was always a stressful business, deciding what you couldn't take. It got even worse when we had kids as well. Too many things to pack and not enough space.

The bulkiest, dirtiest, heaviest things we argued about .. the main offenders being the BBQ and the Fire Pit How on earth were we to find room. They were always so filthy to pack away, and awkward to find a spot for. It always came down to a compromise of leaving something at home because you just couldn't fit it in. There had to be  a better way....

About 15 years ago, we stumbled across a lightweight, compact BBQ called the Carr BBQ. We loved it so much - it became a prototype that has been developed further, together with the original inventor, John Carr.

We wanted to give all campers the opportunity to use a much better BBQ and hence we started the Boomerang BBQ company. We now are represented by a growing network of retailers, as well as being available for purchase online

The Story Behind Boomerang

The genesis of the Boomerang BBQ goes back to 1958 when adventurer, fortune hunter and prospector, John Carr, was looking for a better way to cook over his campfire in the Central Australian desert, and the jungles of Kakadu.