Patio Kit


The BBQ Patio Kit helps you to connect your BBQ to your Fire Pit the easy way, so that you can use your BBQ in your backyard as well as in your travels. It quickly connects to the base of your Fire Pit, and cradles the BBQ pole allowing you to use your camping BBQ on hard ground or in a patio situation. There is also an additional support bar that makes the connection to the Fire Pit sturdy, so in windy conditions it doesn’t move around.

  • Quick set up and pack down.
  • Suitable for patio or hard ground situations.
  • Stows away with your Boomerang Fire Pit in it’s bag.
  • BBQ Patio Kit contains Patio Stand, Support Bar and Stainless Locking Pegs
  • Designed for use with the Boomerang BBQ and Boomerang Fire Pit only

This is a must-have accessory that enables you to make the most out of your investment in you Fire Pit & BBQ using them at home, as well as when you camp or travel.

Please note: if you purchase a Boomerang Value Combo, this item is part of your purchase.


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Boomerang BBQ 5 year warranty